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Eric Raatz is a Senior Consultant for Building Envelope Professionals Group, LLC. and has eighteen years of experience and success managing single and multiple concurrent building envelope investigations, condition assessments, rehabilitation, and renovation projects. His involvement covers all facets of the typical design and replacement planning phases:

  • project conception and investigation, 
  • schematic design, 
  • pre-design and design development, 
  • construction document and specification development, 
  • bidding services, and 
  • construction administration. 

Eric’s expertise is in large-scale roof replacement and fenestration projects. He is the current IIBEC, Inc.-Wisconsin Chapter (formerly RCI, Inc.) President. He works on a majority of the eastern Wisconsin projects for Building Envelope Professionals Group, LLC.

Eric Raatz – Past Work Experience

Eric initially worked for a roofing consulting firm during college. He gained extensive experience and knowledge drafting roof systems details. He was responsible for ensuring the installed roof system’s performance through full and part-time roof installation observation.

Before joining BEPG, Eric spent three years working on building envelope projects, including some of his most extensive roof design and replacement projects on the West Coast. This experience included reaching further into the other building envelope categories of exterior wall systems and below-grade waterproofing. He provided functional performance testing and full-time quality assurance observations of installed waterproofing, air barrier, storefront, and curtain wall systems. 

Eric’s knowledge of roofing systems and detail transitions allowed him to pick up exterior wall systems and below-grade waterproofing quickly. He knows multiple types of wall systems from mass masonry walls to conventionally framed backup walls with masonry veneer, insulated metal panel wall systems, metal-clad systems, stucco cement plaster, exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS), and numerous types of plastic and wood siding systems.

Eric graduated from the Milwaukee School of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering with a Structural Design specialty in 2005. In 2009 he joined the Wisconsin Army National Guard as an All-Source Intelligence Analyst. He received an Associate of Applied Science of Intelligence Operations Studies. Eric also recently completed his Master of Science in Project Management through the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Eric lives in West Allis, WI, and has one daughter and a dog named Junior. Eric enjoys traveling, watching forensic science shows on the History and Discovery Channel, and spending time with his family.

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