Sarah Pontel

Sarah Pontel, the Office Manager and Field Technician at Building Envelope Professionals Group, LLC, in Oregon, Wisconsin, is a pillar of our team. Her unwavering dedication to keeping everyone in line, including the books, and her field expertise instill confidence in her colleagues and clients alike.

With an impressive tenure of six years at BEPG and continuous education, Sarah has taken on the role of window testing and become the primary lidar scanner. Her hands-on approach in the field, which perfectly complements her management skills in the office, is a testament to her competence and dedication.

Outside of her professional life, Sarah, her husband, Kevin, their three children, and two dogs reside in Whitewater, WI. They manage two farm businesses, specializing in grain farming, beef steer, sweet corn, sunflowers, and tractor restoration. Sarah cherishes her family time, enjoys traveling, and finds solace in walking the farm with her dogs.

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