May 8

Ascendium Education Group


BEPG was selected by Ring & DuChateau Consulting Engineers to be the Building Enclosure Commissioning Provider (BECxP) for the construction of a new headquarters office building to be certified as a LEEDv4 Silver recipient. Additional LEED points were awarded for the project by selecting to include the building enclosure as part of the building’s overall commissioning process.

The new 63,000 SF, three-story office building features an almost entirely glass enclosure, with a unique curved design. The glass enclosure consists of three different types of curtain wall systems; unitized, cassette, and stick-frame built types. BEPG completed a design review of the building’s enclosure during the construction documents development phase. Other services included recommending different types of functional performance testing procedures to ensure the systems came together properly and are able to perform for the life cycle of the building since once installed they’re essentially permanently in place.

BEPG’s engagement included substantial time on-site during construction observing the installation of the curtain wall systems to ensure proper transitioning between adjacent and different building materials and components.

Services Provided for Ascendium Education Group’s New Headquarters – Madison, WI

Enclosure Commissioning: LEED v4

  • Design and Submittal Review
  • BECx Plan Development
  • Checklist Development
  • Construction Phase Verification
  • BECx Performance Testing Plan
  • Functional Performance Testing Oversight


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