April 19

Camp Randall Field House Roofing Replacement


University of Wisconsin | Madison, Wisconsin | 2019-2020

Services Provided

  • Roof Investigation / Pre-Design Services
  • Design Document Development
  • Construction Oversight

The Camp Randall Field House was completed in 1929 and serves as a multipurpose arena for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The building features steel framework within concrete walls clad in sandstone and decorative limestone, covered with a gabled clay tile-clad roof.

As part of the University’s efforts to rehabilitate the iconic structure and correct significant moisture issues, BEPG was selected by Berners-Schober Architects to provide assessment, design, and quality assurance services for the project. Work included replacement of all low-slope membrane systems at the perimeters of the clay tile roofing, transitions into the clay tile roofing, roofing transitions to masonry, and masonry repairs and restoration of (interior) parapet walls.

This project was completed in conjunction with the Camp Randall Field House exterior rehabilitation and window replacement.


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