May 28

Comprehensive Masonry Repair: Ensuring Building Safety and Longevity


The masonry at McMynn Tower Apartments was experiencing significant distress with cracked, damaged brick with masonry becoming unattached and beginning to fall from the building.

BEPG was retained by Future WI Housing Fund to complete an initial assessment, design / bidding document development, bidding services, and construction administration for comprehensive masonry restoration.

3D Model generated from drone inspection & LIDAR laser scans

Using BEPG’s in-house 3d drone photogrammetry and LIDAR capabilities, a thorough assessment and documentation of the conditions was developed. This information was then used to develop detailed construction documents resulting in a project with less than 3% change orders during construction.

The masonry restoration project replaced all shelf-angles at each floor, rebuilt the parapets with modified attachment to the existing concrete frame structure, and masonry repair / replacement throughout the building.

Services Provided

  • Pre-Design Services
  • Design
  • Construction Document Development
  • Bidding Services
  • Construction Quality Assurance

The Key to Comprehensive Masonry Repair

Retaining BEPG was the key to a successful, comprehensive masonry restoration at McMynn Tower Apartments in Racine, WI. BEPG’s thorough approach and cutting-edge technology, resulted in a project with less than 3% change orders. The restoration included replacing all shelf-angles on each floor, rebuilding parapets with modified attachments to the existing concrete frame structure, and carrying out extensive masonry repair and replacement throughout the building.


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