May 20

Hooper Corporation – New Headquarters Office Building


Construction observation and other BEPG services provide quality assurance

BEPG was obtained by Findorff construction company to assist in providing design review of construction documents and functional performance testing for the building enclosure of a new office building located just northeast of the City of Madison, Wisconsin.

The new facility was created to combine the offices of a newly joined venture into one location. The new facility consists of a 69,000 SF, two-story structure with underground parking featuring a unique exterior design consisting of aluminum windows and an exposed timber structure. On its south elevation is a curtain wall system that allows an absorbent amount of natural light into the building. BEPG’s services also included recommending and performing different types of functional performance testing procedures to ensure the systems interfaces together properly and are able to perform for the building’s life cycle.

BEPG’s engagement included substantial time on-site to provide periodic quality assurance observations of installed building enclosure components to include air barrier installation and testing, curtain wall and aluminum window installation and testing, and roof system installation to ensure the installed systems performed to the project requirements specified.

Services Provided:

The collaboration between BEPG and Findorff Construction Company has successfully completed a new office building project just northeast of Madison, Wisconsin. With a budget of $30 million and a project duration from 2020 to 2022, this effort resulted in a 69,000 square foot, two-story facility with underground parking. The building features aluminum windows, an exposed timber structure, and a curtain wall system on its south elevation to maximize natural light. BEPG’s role included construction observation for quality assurance of the building enclosure components such as air barriers, curtain walls, aluminum windows, and roofing systems. This ensured that all installed systems met the project’s specifications and are expected to perform effectively over the building’s lifecycle.


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