May 16

Commission House Condominiums


We find water leaks other professionals can’t!

BEPG was obtained by Ogden & Company, Inc. to assist in providing leak testing and investigation services for a condominium and office building in the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The facility has had on-going moisture infiltration issues since being converted to living and office spaces. As a result of several leaks, BEPG was contracted to conduct leak investigation and assessment services at two main locations that have been reviewed previously by contractors and other consultants with no resolve.

BEPG’s engagement included conducting AAMA standard diagnostic spray testing and brief removal of elements of the enclosure to determine the sources of the leaks. The building is constructed of a cast in place, reinforced concrete structure. During the renovations to convert the old manufacturing building into habitable space EIFS panels mimicking brick veneer were installed to hide the concrete structure. Failed sealant joints and no means for moisture to drain caused water to eventually infiltrate into the interior.

Services Provided:

  • Leak Investigation Testing and Assessment

Contact us today to discover how BEPG’s leak investigation and assessment services can reveal the hidden sources of water leaks in your commercial building, restoring the integrity and comfort of your space. Don’t settle for temporary fixes or unanswered questions. Trust in our expertise to find water leaks that others simply can’t.


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