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Building Envelope Services – What We Do

Drone inspection of solar panels, building envelope services
Drone Inspection & Assessment – Our newest building envelope service!

A project may utilize many different building envelope services throughout its lifecycle. The type of services needed depends on the building project and client needs. For example, is the project a new build or a historic restoration? BEPG recognizes each client and project are unique and will recommend building envelope services based on their specific circumstances. Check out some of our client projects to see which services were combined and conducted by BEPG.

Inspection & Assessment Services

New Construction

Existing Buildings

Repair, rehabilitation or replacement services include:

Quality Assurance & Requirement Verification

Remediation & Forensics

To understand more about the value of building envelope consulting and how consultants apply their knowledge of building science, check out our post:

Building Envelope Services Directory

Assessment & Diagnostics

We utilize multiple assessments and diagnostic tools and techniques depending on the systems and con…

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Building Enclosure Commissioning sample diagram/report

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)

What is Building Enclosure Commissioning or BECx? Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) is the app…

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Design & Construction Administration

We provide design and construction administration services for building envelope-related repair, reh…

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BEPG is proud to introduce:

Photogrammetry (3D Modeling) with our state of art drones allows BEPG to provide new and improved inspection and assessment services to our clients that save them money and time.

Functional Performance Testing on a window

Functional Performance Testing (FPT)

Functional Performance Testing (FTP) in the construction industry tests air and moisture movement th…

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St. Norbert's Roxbury, WI picture of scaffolding

Historic Preservation

BEPG is routinely involved in projects involving the assessment and restoration of historic building…

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Hygrothermal modeling WUFI graph example

Hygrothermal Modeling with WUFI

Hygrothermal modeling uses a computer program to model the long-term effects of heat and moisture wi…

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Insurance and Expert Witness Services

Insurance Services Hail damage, storm damage, and related insurance claims are its own unique indust…

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Owner’s Representative Services

BEPG offers Owner’s Representative Services for large, complex building envelope-related rehabilitat…

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Quality Assurance Services

We provide building envelope quality assurance (QA) services through all phases of design and constr…

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Third-Party Assessments

Most of our services can be provided on a third-party basis.  Typical examples include: An inde…

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