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We Help Determine What Building Envelope Services Are Needed Based On The Project

A project may utilize many different building envelope services throughout its lifecycle. The type of services needed depends on the building project and client needs. For example, is the project a new build or a historic restoration? BEPG recognizes each client and project is unique and will recommend building envelope services based on their specific circumstances.

Inspection & Assessment
  • 3D Laser Scanning provides precision data for measuring and assessing buildings & structures quickly with 3D models.
  • Assessment & Diagnostics identifies the root cause of water and moisture issues, air leakage, energy loss, and cladding failure.
  • Drone Inspection & Assessment allows us to look at building enclosure systems in great detail and create 3D site models.
New Construction
Existing Buildings

Repair, rehabilitation or replacement services include:

Quality Assurance & Requirement Verification
Remediation & Forensics

Our building envelope services make buildings safe and extend their useful life.

Check out some of our client projects to see which services were combined and conducted by BEPG.

Our Services

3D laser scan icon

3D Laser Scanning

Our 3D laser scanning provides unmatched precision, efficiency, and comprehensive building assessment and management data.

Assessment & Diagnostics

We use multiple tools and techniques depending on the systems to diagnose air, water, heat, light, weather, and noise leaks or other problem conditions.

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)

We perform quality assurance tests on a building’s exterior during construction to verify roof, exterior wall, and waterproofing systems work correctly.

Design & Construction Administration

We support new construction and validate systems meet building requirements from the onset through good design and system testing.

Drone icon

Drone Inspection & Assessment

We offer cutting-edge drone technology for assessing and inspecting buildings and other structures, providing businesses with many benefits.

Functional Performance Testing (FPT)

We test air and moisture movement through a building’s enclosure to verify your building components are installed correctly and operate as designed. 

Historic Preservation

We use our deep understanding of historic construction systems, building techniques, and materials to restore and preserve historic buildings.

Hygrothermal Modeling with WUFI

Hygrothermal modeling uses a computer program to model the long-term effects of heat and moisture within and through parts of a building.

Owner's Representative Services

We manage large, complex building envelope-related rehabilitation and construction projects so owners can focus on their responsibilities.

Quality Assurance Services

We provide building envelope quality assurance (QA) services through all phases of design and construction to verify requirements are met.

Third-Party Assessments

We offer all of our services as an independent, unbiased second opinion to review management programs, designs, proposals, and existing conditions.

Repairing, Restoring, or Constructing a Commercial Building?