Building Assessment & Diagnostics

We utilize multiple assessments and diagnostic tools and techniques depending on the systems and conditions at hand.  Many of these techniques can also be used to diagnose leaks or other problem conditions.  Common techniques include:

  • Nuclear moisture surveying (low-slope roofing)
  • Infrared scanning (low-slope roofing, exterior walls)
  • Moisture meter testing (presence of moisture in materials)
  • Core sampling, openings, and removals      
  • RILEM test method (cladding / masonry absorption test)
  • Water testing, simple hose testing (roofing, exterior walls, leak diagnosis)
  • Chain dragging (horizontal concrete surface spall / delamination checking)
  • Pull testing (fastener withdrawal resistance, coating adhesion testing)
  • Please see our Support Tools for more information on these techniques. 

Many other techniques are available, but we have found these are often effective during initial investigations and assessments.  We are very familiar with more formalized testing across the building envelope discipline; if such testing is required we know who to call to get it done. 

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