Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)

What is Building Enclosure Commissioning or BECx? Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) is the application of quality assurance tests to a building’s exterior during the construction process. These quality control tests verify roof, exterior wall systems, and waterproofing installations work as intended. (Building commissioning is the act of bringing a new building into working condition.)

Resolve construction challenges

New building construction is complex. These challenging complexities include:

  • quick turnaround demands for a finished and functional building as well as
  • the learning curve (or lack of expertise) associated with new building materials and technologies.

These challenges impact the ability of architects, engineers, and tradesmen to do the best possible job constructing a new building.

Therefore, an independent building enclosure/envelope expert is a key player to have on your commissioning team. A building enclosure consultant utilizes building science to mitigate risks, ensure a quality build, and keep the schedule on track. For example, we verify construction materials are compatible and will perform as intended for the building’s life cycle.

BEPG provides expert Building Enclosure Commissioning services

Building Envelope Professionals Group, LLC provides independent, third-party, professional building enclosure consulting services through all phases of new construction.  Our staff is equipped with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of building materials and technologies. We specialize in the design of building enclosures including below-grade waterproofing, exterior wall system construction, and all types of roof systems. In addition, we facilitate project communication and planning to meet material goals such as energy efficiency.

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Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) services (a.k.a. Here’s how we can help!)


First, we work with the Owner and Design team to understand the new building’s design and functional use. After review, we provide insight into material and product selection to meet the defined requirements. In addition, we meet with all parties to review the design concepts and determine any potential challenges or concerns.

Design Phase

During design, we provide a technical understanding of how exterior construction will impact the building’s functional performance. We review intermittent design drawings and specifications for possible issues concerns. Finally, we provide installation instructions and methods for enclosure systems to contractors.

Pre-Construction Meetings

During pre-construction meetings, we review systems with contractors. We also review product submittals and shop drawings for conformity with project specifications. In addition, we observe, review, and report on pre-construction mock-up assemblies for conformity to project drawings and specifications.

At this time, we perform hygrothermal computer modeling on wall or roof system assemblies to determine the efficacy of design concepts utilized in actual construction (WUFI & THERM).


During the construction phase, we:

  • Observe or perform functional testing of mock-up assemblies.
  • Review installation schedule and procedures with Contractors.
  • Perform site visits to observe the installation of enclosure components and assemblies for conformity with drawings, specifications, and workmanship.
  • Document and provide a registry of observed enclosure related issues and follow-up on issues to bring them into conformance.
  • Observe or review proposed functional performance testing protocols, industry testing standards, and procedures to ensure assemblies are tested to meet or exceed the project design concepts


In the end, we provide a final report of all significant activities during the project’s design. This report may include design issues, submittal reviews, functional performance test reports, issues registry resolution, etc. Furthermore, 10 – 12 months after substantial completion, we review building enclosure assemblies and systems to determine if there are any outstanding issues or concerns to document and resolve.

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