Owner’s Representative Services

BEPG offers Owner’s Representative Services for large, complex building envelope-related rehabilitation and construction projects. 

As such, we represent the Owner during all phases of construction including pre-design activities, managing the overall design and construction document development, any required bidding services, and construction administration and quality assurance services.  Our contract, as well as those of the design team, general contractor, and select specialty contractors, are direct to the Owner. 

This service is typically for larger projects (in excess of $2M) involving multi-discipline design and construction teams and allows building owners and managers to focus on their operations and responsibilities instead of being consumed by a rehabilitation or construction project.

Pre-project and pre-construction services often include interviewing and recommending architects, engineers, specialty consultants, other building envelope consultants, general contractors, specialty contractors, manufacturers, testing agencies, and more. 

Repairing, Restoring, or Constructing a Commercial Building?