Roofing Consultants: The Best Way to Find a Roof Leak

The roof of a building is one of the significant components of a building envelope (the exterior shell that keeps elements out and energy inside). Hiring independent roofing consultants is the best way to find a roof leak and resolve roofing problems. In addition, when constructing a new building or remodeling, hiring an unbiased roofing consultant can prevent future roofing issues and provide a comprehensive review and selection of the best roofing materials.

Apartment building roof analyzed by roofing consultants
BEPG’s roofing consultants analyzed apartment complex roofing.

There are many types of roofing today.

We classify most roofing systems as steep-slope or low-slope.

Steep-slope roofing systems

Steep-slope roofing systems are water-shedding because the water runs off due to the pitch of the roof.

Steep slope systems include shingles, shakes, tile, slate, and many architectural metal systems. Most of these systems rely on a minimum slope and their ability to shed water and are not “waterproof.”

Low-slope roofing systems

Low-slope roofing systems are water-resistant or “waterproof.” This type of roofing system has little, if any, pitch to it, and therefore, they need to provide an effective barrier to keep moisture out.

Low-slope roof systems include:

  • single-ply (wide sheeting with few seams),
  • bituminous (BUR and modified bitumen) – a flat composite roof with the seams melted together,
  • sprayed-in place polyurethane foam, and
  • some sheet metal systems.

These systems are often able to resist some standing water without leaking for some time.

Why hire a roofing consultant versus a roofer?

Roofing seems straightforward. Roof contractors work with roofing every day. So why should I consider hiring a roofing consultant instead of a roofer?

The answer is simple: a roofing consultant also works with roofing every day and provides an unbiased, experienced viewpoint. Most contractors and manufacturers have experience with certain roofing types or systems and will usually stick to those systems at all costs when making recommendations or providing solutions to problems. A roofing consultant (theoretically) has all roofing systems, and types at their disposal backed up by their experience.

Services provided by BEPG’s roofing consultants:

We perform roof system tests and hygrothermal tests using the latest technologies and best practices.

Besides roof consulting, Building Envelope Professionals Group, LLC (BEPG) provides comprehensive building envelope services that look at how the roof system interacts with exterior wall and waterproofing systems.

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