February 23

Whole Building Approach


While most of our projects involve a few building envelope systems, BEPG often assembles project teams to complete larger, more complex restoration and remediation projects such as the City of Jefferson, WI Police & Utility Building rehabilitation.

The City of Jefferson had been experiencing multiple indoor air quality complaints, mold issues, and leaks in their police and utility building for years. BEPG assembled a design team to holistically assess and understand this building. While the initial focus was on the exterior, our team determined there were also issues with the heating and ventilation systems and concrete floor slabs that contributed to poor indoor air quality and occupant discomfort.”

The BEPG-led design team completed design and construction administration for the remediation project which included concrete floor slab moisture remediation, minor alterations to floor plans and office layouts, comprehensive HVAC modifications and repairs, roof and window replacement, and over-cladding of the existing masonry exterior construction.


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