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Church Building Committees:

Discover Your Best Options for Financing Your Construction Projects

Building committees benefit from help with budgeting, project feasibility, design, construction processes, and Building Envelope Professionals Group acting as their trusted advisor during the entire build process.

A CASE Study

Once Upon a Time…

A church had significant leaks and mold problems with their fellowship hall. At one point, the interior air quality was so bad the church really couldn’t use the building anymore. BEPG helped by providing a holistic assessment of the entire building envelope (roof, walls, and foundation). This assessment allowed us to provide clear, concise recommendations for repairs and initial budget estimates for what all the options might cost.

This client found it was easier to hire BEPG as a 3rd party not affiliated with their church or any other contractor that could do the necessary repairs. They also got the job done right once BEPG pointed out the exact problems. In the past, they had many church members who were ‘experts’ in various building trades, which led to a lot of wasted money and more problems.

BEPG helped through the entire project, from the initial assessment, design considerations, finding contractors, bidding, construction quality assurance, and project closeout. BEPG also helped to make some interior modifications along the way.

Repairing, Restoring, or Constructing a Commercial Building?