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What is the Value of a Building Envelope Consultant?


Let’s start with defining “what is a building envelope consultant?”

A building envelope consultant is an independent expert who works with building owners, facility managers, architects, engineers, and general contractors to identify and resolve air, water, or energy leaks in roofs, exterior walls, or subgrade waterproofing.

A Case Study

Over time, a church had significant leaks and mold problems with their fellowship hall. At one point, the interior air quality was so bad the church really couldn’t use the building anymore. BEPG helped by providing a holistic assessment of the entire building envelope (roof, walls, and foundation). This assessment allowed us to provide clear, concise recommendations for repairs and initial budget estimates for what all the options might cost.

This client found it was easier to hire BEPG as a 3rd party not affiliated with their church or any other contractor that could do the necessary repairs. They also got the job done right once BEPG pointed out the exact problems. In the past, they had many church members who were ‘experts’ in various building trades, which led to a lot of wasted money and more problems.

BEPG helped through the entire project, from the initial assessment, design considerations, finding contractors, bidding, construction quality assurance, and project closeout. BEPG also helped to make some interior modifications along the way.

The Value Added to Your Commissioning Team

A building envelope consultant provides experience and recommendations to resolve air, water, or energy leaks in existing buildings and assists in avoiding these problems in new construction.

Building Envelope Professional’s Group, LLC’s experience, focus, independence, impartiality, and problem-solving expertise are a must-have for your repair, remodeling, or commissioning team! Read more below.

How Building Envelope Professionals Group’s Experience Works for You

At BEPG, the majority of our work is for building owners that are:

  • having leaks or other problems with their building exteriors,
  • need assistance with repair or replacement projects, or
  • utilize our experience to manage their building envelope assets and inventory.

In short, we get to see what works and what doesn’t work daily. This focus on existing buildings and their problems gives us a unique perspective to help owners and construction teams build new structures.

Our focus is on the building envelope (roof, exterior walls & waterproofing)

We focus on the building science, systems, and materials associated with a building’s exterior shell or enclosure. Our hands-on experience with all available materials and their interactions makes us an expert in this area of building construction.

We do not practice structural engineering, civil engineering, or other professional disciplines commonly involved with buildings. However, we often provide architectural services for building envelope projects and typically work for and retain architects and engineers to complete projects whenever necessary.

We are independent and impartial

BEPG provides independent, expert and impartial services because we:

  • Are not contractors,
  • Do not sell materials or services based on sales or commissions, and
  • Are not limited by product lines or materials that we can work with due to contracts, deals, or commissions.

We solve conflicts

We have found that most building envelope problems occur where one material or system transitions to a different material or system. These transitions often involve 3 – 5 different envelope systems, each having separate contractors and warranty interests.

We navigate these painful, potential “finger-pointing” complexities for our clients and allow them to focus on their core activities.


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