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Find and resolve building envelope (roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall) issues in existing buildings or new construction, AND know how much it will cost.

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3D Laser Scanning

Our 3D laser scanning provides precision, efficiency, and comprehensive building assessment and management data.

Assessment & Diagnostics

We use multiple tools and techniques depending on the systems to diagnose air, water, heat, light, weather, and noise leaks or other problem conditions.

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)

We perform quality assurance tests on a building’s exterior during construction to verify roof, exterior wall, and waterproofing systems work correctly.

Design & Construction Administration

We support new construction and validate systems meet building requirements from the onset through good design and system testing.

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Drone Inspection & Assessment

We offer cutting-edge drone technology for assessing and inspecting buildings and other structures, providing businesses with many benefits.

Functional Performance Testing (FPT)

We test air and moisture movement through a building’s enclosure to verify your building components are installed correctly and operate as designed. 

We help our clients with complex roofing, exterior wall, and waterproofing issues.

Our building envelope services range from limited consultation to full-service assessment, design, and construction phase support.

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Most people don’t have the experience (or desire) to deal with a structure’s issues or the resources to manage their property’s assets. That’s where we help. We strive to resolve our clients’ pain points, including budgeting for these capital expenses.

We solve problems nobody can figure out! BEPG routinely works with schools, churches, government agencies, commercial and industrial clients, homeowner associations, and facility managers.

Engineers, Architects, General Contractors, Designers

BEPG helps professionals in charge of maintaining, remodeling, designing, or constructing buildings by:

  • identifying existing or potential building envelope problems,
  • developing accurate budget figures for capital planning,
  • providing field support to make sure projects get built correctly to minimize potential problems,
  • providing third-party opinions on building envelope issues before, during, and after construction.

Board & Committee Members

BEPG helps committee members navigate the maze of maintaining their building(s). BEPG provides education and information on the building systems and helps work through the necessary committee processes to resolve the issue(s).

As with other clients, BEPG can develop budget figures for capital planning, create building preventative maintenance plans and find quality contractors.

Property Managers

BEPG works with property managers and all types of building envelope issues nationwide by identifying quality contractors and consultants needed to resolve the given building envelope problems. We ensure these professionals meet corporate requirements.

Trusted Industry Experts

Get the Solution to Your Commercial Building’s Problems Today!

BEPG provides building owners, property managers, engineers, architects, design professionals, and general contractors unbiased consulting services for roofing, waterproofing, and exterior wall needs.

We are experienced building enclosure consultants advising on necessary work, estimating costs, helping you find the right contractor, and ensuring the project is done right.

They Say

Carol Quintana

Building and Grounds, Christ Presbyterian Church, Madison, WI

The challenges of caring for our aging church building have clearly demonstrated the value of engineered solutions. We have relied on BEPG to advise and navigate rehabilitation of steeple, roof, masonry, and foundation waterproofing. Each time, we are met with courteous, prompt service, including all client questions answered via email or on-site visits. Personal attention to detail, a willingness to explain terms and work in language we can understand, fair and transparent pricing—these qualities ensure we will continue to call upon BEPG in the future!

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What is a building envelope?

Building Envelope Illustration: An Open envelope that looks like a house with the outside elements around it

A building envelope is all the external systems that keep out the elements (air, water, heat, light, weather, and noise) and keep in energy.

The primary exterior systems are roofing, waterproofing (below-grade), and exterior walls. An excellent design addresses these areas to ensure the structure operates as designed, meets code, and is energy efficient.

Where do problems usually occur?

Think of the different components of a building’s exterior as puzzle pieces. In our experience, most problems happen when the puzzle pieces don’t fit together correctly. In other words, most issues occur where the roof, exterior walls, and below-grade waterproofing intersect.

An inspection or assessment of building envelope function looks at the materials and designs of external systems and their relationships with other exterior systems and the activities within these buildings to identify and resolve issues. Applying building science to analyze the enclosure includes looking at:

  • vapor barriers,
  • air barriers,
  • air quality,
  • heating & cooling,
  • climate control, 
  • and much more.

Building envelope consultants focus on the completed puzzle and how well the pieces fit together to keep the elements out versus a contractor responsible for implementing just one part. The ultimate goal is to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment!

What is the value of a building envelope consultant?

A building envelope consultant's value lies in mastering the building science, systems, and materials associated with a building's exterior shell or enclosure.

We provide independent, expert, and impartial services because we're not contractors. We don't sell materials or services based on sales or commissions, nor are we confined to specific product lines due to contracts, deals, or commissions. This independence allows us to focus on our client's needs fully. 

Furthermore, we excel in conflict resolution, particularly when building envelope problems that often occur when transitioning from one material or system to another. These transitions typically involve 3-5 different envelope systems, each backed by separate contractors and warranty interests, leading to potential complexities and blame games. However, we strive to navigate these intricate situations, saving our clients from unnecessary stress and enabling them to concentrate on their core activities.

What types of buildings do you work on?

We work on all types and ages of buildings, including schools, universities, churches, government, commercial, industrial, and other commercial facilities.

We do not work on residential properties.

You can check out a few projects we've worked on below or on our highlighted projects page.

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