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Church Exterior Restoration – St. Norbert’s Catholic Church


St. Norbert’s Catholic Church, Roxbury, WI, underwent a significant church exterior restoration from 2017 – 2020. Building Envelope Professionals Group, LLC (BEPG) performed the initial analysis, assessments, estimates, and design documentation. In addition, BEPG oversaw the church building repairs.

Challenges included:

  • Stabilizing the church bell tower
  • Replacing the slate roof
  • Substantial masonry repairs
  • Window restoration

You can read more about these building envelope challenges in our project spotlight post on St. Norbert’s.

Catholic Diocese of Madison | Roxbury, Wisconsin | 2017-2020

Services Provided

  • Building Investigation and Analysis
  • Feasibility Study and Cost Estimation
  • Historic Preservation
  • Construction oversight
Exterior Church Restoration at St. Norbert's Catholic Church in Roxbury, WI

Structural Assessment & Cost Estimates

Established in 1857 with subsequent additions, St. Nobert’s Catholic Church rises above the rural town of Roxbury, Wisconsin. The church is an excellent example of the Romanesque Revival style with stone quarried from the surrounding hills and constructed by local craftsmen. Over 160 years, the church has experienced significant deterioration, owing to the local climate and the soft nature of the Wisconsin limestone. In particular, masonry from the church spire, constructed between 1894-1903, had begun to fall from the façade.

St. Norbert’s Catholic Parish and the Diocese of Madison engaged BEPG to comprehensively assess the church and spire and prepare a feasibility study with estimated costs for church repairs. Upon inspection, significant deterioration was discovered on the spire, necessitating structural repairs to the tower and a complete replacement of the slate roof, substantial masonry repairs, and window restoration. In addition to the spire work, the rest of the church structure required reroofing, masonry restoration, and other maintenance.

Design Documents & Construction Oversight

Following completion of the study, BEPG generated design documents to complete the church exterior restoration work.

In addition, BEPG oversaw the construction and repair work. BEPG and the general contractors completed the church exterior restoration work in December 2020.

Another Church Exterior Restoration Project

In 2021, BEPG began a similar church exterior restoration project at St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Chicago, IL.

BEPG has years of experience working with historical buildings. Check out other restoration projects or contact us.


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