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Our cutting-edge Drone Inspection & Assessment Services provide businesses with multiple benefits unmatched by traditional inspection methods.

Benefits of Drone Inspection

BEPG offers cutting-edge drone technology for assessing and inspecting buildings and other structures, providing businesses with multiple benefits unmatched by traditional inspection methods.

Cost Effective

Drone inspections are significantly more cost-effective than manual inspections of buildings and structures, eliminating the need for personnel to physically access often dangerous construction sites with expensive and time-consuming equipment such as aerial lifts, cranes, scaffolding, & other safety equipment.


Drones can be used to inspect dangerous or inaccessible areas, allowing personnel to remain at a safe distance from the structure or building being inspected. This reduces the risk associated with traditional methods of inspection and allows people to safely access information in real-time without putting anyone in harm’s way.


Drone technology enables quick data collection and results generation without lengthy waiting periods to setup complex safety equipment or viewing thousands of photographs, allowing businesses to make timely decisions based on current evidence gathered by drone inspections.


Our drone obstacle avoidance features allow us to fly within inches of a structure for inspection and provide excellent detail and resolution. This increasingly accurate data collection and inspection of buildings and structures, giving businesses and organizations more precise insights into their projects or structures in real time.


Our state-of-the-art drones allow us to perform checks in areas that were previously inaccessible due to conditions that would interfere with typical drone operations such as within GPS-denied environments, around high concentrations of steel and other materials that would impact drone positioning magnetometers, and around high electronic interference areas.


Using drones is significantly less harmful to the environment because it eliminates emissions associated with traditional inspection methods, reducing the inspection’s carbon footprint by using less fuel and resources while making more efficient decisions.

Drone Inspection Services

We use our drones to inspect structures and capture normally hard-to-get data quickly.

3D Modeling (Photogrammetry)

Discover the power of Photogrammetry for your assessment and diagnostic needs! As a standalone service or part of our comprehensive offerings, Photogrammetry (3D Modeling) is revolutionizing how we capture and analyze data.

With our cutting-edge drones equipped with wide-angle lenses and infrared cameras, we can efficiently conduct detailed inspections and collect infrared imagery. Our high-resolution cameras capture multiple angles, providing a comprehensive view of buildings, roofs, and more.

Our advanced drone software seamlessly stitches these images together, creating detailed photogrammetric meshes or 3D models. Accessible through a user-friendly web browser, these models allow you to explore structures, make precise measurements, and gain invaluable insights. We can even provide 3D models compatible with industry-standard programs like Revit and AutoCAD.

Whether you need to survey land for development projects or preserve the intricate details of historic buildings, our Photogrammetry technology is here to deliver exceptional results. Best of all, our remote drone operation ensures your project’s and our team’s safety.

Experience the future of data collection and analysis with our state-of-the-art Photogrammetry services. Let us provide you with the information you need, minus the risk.

Thordarson's Rock Island Boathouse 3D Mesh Model

Facade Inspections

Unlock the power of drones for comprehensive facade inspections. Say goodbye to ladders and access equipment. Our drones provide a quick and efficient way to assess the condition of your building at any height. Our drone pictures enable us to analyze your facade thoroughly.

Stay ahead of the game with facade inspections. Many municipalities now require inspections every 3 to 5 years. Our drone inspections are the perfect solution to fulfill these requirements.

Don’t wait for mandates. Prioritize facade inspections every 3 to 5 years. Plus, our drone inspections are essential after severe weather events, especially for hard-to-reach areas or suspected damage.

Solar Panel System Inspections

Don’t waste valuable resources manually inspecting your solar panels. Harness the power of drones to quickly and easily examine your panels for any damage or problems. With their unmatched maneuverability, drones can effortlessly access tight spaces, ensuring no issue goes unnoticed.

These inspections are vital for maintaining the peak performance of your solar energy system by detecting and addressing potential problems before they worsen. Invest in drone solar panel inspections and maximize the efficiency of your solar panel system today.

Communication Tower & Roof Mounted Equipment Inspections

Say goodbye to the days of sending someone up a ladder or scaffold to inspect communication towers and other roof-mounted equipment. With drones, we now have a close-up view of the equipment without putting anyone in harm’s way.

Not only do drones allow us to inspect hard-to-reach areas, like the top of a cell tower, but they also help us perform inspections faster and more efficiently. This technology facilitates less downtime, improved safety, and savings in both time and money.

Choose the modern solution for roof-mounted equipment inspections. Switch to drones for a streamlined and secure inspection process.

We Unlock Efficiency & Precision With Drone Building Inspections

We are transforming building inspections and assessments with our cutting-edge drone technology and 3D modeling.


Assessing a Building or Structure after Drone Inspection

After a drone inspection, building owners and managers can expect comprehensive results in just a matter of days. With advanced drone technology and skilled FAA-certified drone pilots, these inspections are efficient and thorough, providing detailed 3D models and high-quality images to BEPG’s expert building envelope consultants to assess any damage or potential issues on a building’s roof or facade, solar panel system, communication towers, or roof-mounted equipment.

These inspections are essential for maintaining the safety, efficiency, and longevity of a property while also saving time and resources in the long run. Choose BEPG’s Drone Team to streamline your assessment process and provide reliable and accurate results to help you make informed decisions about your property.

Highlights of Drone Inspection & Assessment

  • Experience a new inspection efficiency and accuracy level with our cutting-edge drone technology. By harnessing the power of drones, we can swiftly and comprehensively document existing building conditions from multiple angles and heights while compiling the information into dynamic 3D mesh models.
  • Say goodbye to sifting through countless photos. Our revolutionary technology allows clients, architects, engineers, designers, and contractors to access up-to-date visual data of the entire building enclosure in a hassle-free and scalable manner.
  • Streamline the inspection process and gain a comprehensive understanding of your building’s condition with the help of our specialized drones. Designed specifically for building inspections, our drones have the necessary features and capabilities to capture detailed images and videos for thorough analysis.
  • From assessing structural integrity to identifying maintenance needs and evaluating energy efficiency, our drone for building inspection is an invaluable asset in constructionhistoric preservation, and property management.


Are your drone pilots licensed?

Yes, all of our drone pilots are FAA sUAS certified drone operators. In addition, our drone pilot consultants are certified thermographers.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry full drone liability insurance.

What types of equipment do you use?

BEPG uses NDAA-compliant autonomous drones for inspection and mapping.

What weather can you fly in? How windy can it be to fly?

We cannot fly in fog or precipitation.  We routinely fly in temperatures between 10 degrees F and 95 degrees F.  Depending on the mission, building, flight parameters, etc., we can usually fly in winds up to 20 MPH.

How long does a drone inspection take?

Inspection time varies based on the size and scope of the project. Typically, BEPG will be on site for one to two days.

Can my drone pilot friend fly missions for you? Can I fly my own drone?

Unfortunately, no.  We often need to fly very close to buildings we are assessing and use specific flight procedures and equipment to ensure we collect the imagery we need.

Can the drone see through windows or walls?

Sometimes, the drone can see through windows and glass, although in most cases, the reflective nature of glass restricts the drone from seeing into the window.  Neither our standard drones nor Infrared drones can see through walls.

Can you fly over people or cars?

Short answer – no.  The FAA has very strict requirements regarding flying over people and vehicles. Our team uses visual observers and signage to ensure the area is secure from pedestrian traffic. Pilots keep the drones in sight to anticipate and respond to any potential issues.

Can you fly anywhere?

No.  There are FAA-restricted air spaces that control if a drone can be flown and / or to what altitude and other conditions.  However, if your project is not close to an airport, stadium, or similar location, we can probably fly your project. BEPG reviews the FAA regulations for each property area and applies for authorizations or approvals.

Can you fly around trees?

Sometimes, the images won't be very good if a tree or other landscaping is between the drone and the building. 

What is the difference between an aerial survey and a drone inspection?

An aerial survey presents a birds-eye view of the property, giving the user a good view of the roof and overall site conditions. The drone inspection is a 3D scan of the building that builds a detailed 3D mesh model of the property. The detailed photogrammetric mesh of the property is an excellent tool to communicate and assess existing conditions.

How quickly can I expect results after a property inspection?

Typical turnaround time is 3-5 days, depending on the property size. Larger structures may require additional time to process and prepare.

Can I see more 3D sample models?

Yes, here are some models we created for other clients.

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Save Time & Money Getting the Data You Need

BEPG is leading the way in drone inspection and assessments. Our cutting-edge services provide many benefits over traditional methods.