January 20

How We Use a Smarter Tool & Get a Fascinating View of Your Building


BEPG is excited to offer next-generation drone and 3D modeling services in 2022! Our state-of-the-art drone equipment produces 3D models that save our clients money and quickly provide detailed models for assessment.

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Cost Savings

BEPG’s drone services often reduce or eliminate the need for an expensive aerial lift, cranes, scaffolding, and other equipment to access challenging environments at height. 

It took 1 – 2 hours of drone time plus office post-processing to render an actual 3D model of St. Patrick Church versus many man-hours using lifts, ladders, and other technologies to take photos and generate a computer model of the structure.

Our next-generation drone equipment lets us fly within inches of a structure for inspection. Being able to fly so close to a structure, enables capturing conditions in excellent detail and resolution. In contrast, traditional drone technologies have stand-off distances up to 8 feet or more away. 

The ‘crack’ is actually a lightning protection cable. This photo shows good resolution and overall condition of the masonry in this difficult-to-access location above the church roof.

In addition, our drone equipment uses visual obstacle avoidance allowing us to operate in areas previously inaccessible to typical drones due to conditions that would interfere with the drones’ operations.

Detailed Modeling

Our scalable models can quickly document existing building conditions allowing clients, designers, and contractors up-to-date visual access to entire building enclosures without the need to sift through hundreds or thousands of photos.

When Does It Make Sense to Use Drone & 3D Modeling?

Building Envelope Professionals Group uses its drone and 3D modeling technology for the following applications:

  • Building assessment and inspections
  • Aerial infrared building surveys
  • 3d modeling services
  • Construction progress assessments and modeling
  • Solar panel system inspections
  • Communications towers and roof-mounted equipment inspections
St. Patrick’s Church, Janesville, WI. Image pulled from the 3D model created with BEPG’s drone technology during a building assessment and inspection,


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